• Cataract surgery step-by-step


    Your doctor will perform an eye exam and take certain measurements of the front surface of your eye, the cornea, as well as measure the size and shape of your eye.

    Based on these measurements your doctor will select the proper lens to be inserted after the cataract is removed.

    Your doctor will usually instruct you not to eat or drink about 12 hours before your surgery to prevent complications from anesthesia.


    Eye drops will be used to dilate the eye that will undergo surgery and your eye will be cleaned as well.

    Anesthesia will be administered by an anesthesiologist. Cataract surgery is often done while the patient is awake, so only local anesthesia is used. In rare cases, the patient will be put to sleep under general anesthesia.

    The surgery itself is typically 20 minutes or less.


    Your doctor will place a patch or shield over your eye and give you instructions to take a series of eye drops.

    You will be taken to a recovery area where you can rest while the sedation wears off for about 30 minutes to one hour.

    Most people can go home the same day of surgery.

    Your doctor will follow up with you the next day and remove the eye patch. Your doctor will then decide on a follow-up schedule over the course of several months.

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